Engagement photos on a sailboat? Say no more!

When Carrie + Jon reached out to me about photographing their intimate wedding in Nashville this summer I was over the moon. Carrie is a wedding photographer in the area and it’s always so exciting getting to capture the love of another creative. Once we started talking a bit more and she mentioned that they were planning on doing their engagement photos within the next few weeks. The kicker? It was down in their hometown on Jon’s sailboat. I let them know I’d be down to drive down and do their photos for them, and we started planning.

Carrie and Jon both grew up around Panama City, so being out on the water for their engagement photos was very authentic to them. Jon used to charter rides in the area and eventually ended up buying his own sailboat. So, the fact that their engagement session was on his boat made this session so much more special.

We met at the marina and started our sail out to the island. After the hour-long ride, we took their dingy over to the island and explored there a bit. Once done, we made our way back to the sailboat. The goal was to be on the sailboat for the magical golden hour lighting and we timed it perfectly.

After finishing the photos, they prepped the sailboat to sail back to the marina. We sailed back during blue hour and finished the night off with some flash photos.

This shoot embodied Carrie and Jon so authentically. I will forever be so incredibly grateful that I got to capture this chapter of their love story.

Now, pop on some Jack Johnson and scroll below to see their love story unfold.

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Florida Sailboat Engagement Session at Shell Island

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