hi! I'm bri, but you can call me b

 Human connection is what has kept me here.

Connection has always been important to me. During my first photography class in high school, while everyone was taking photos of nature on their 35mm cameras - I was intrigued by the connection of having people in front of the camera. Moving on to college, during all of my classes for my Fine Arts degree, the same thing kept happening. I was forever intrigued by the emotions and feelings that can be captured by photographing people rather than objects. It was truly no surprise to me that after second shooting my first wedding in 2015, I was instantly hooked. 

Now, almost 8 years later, my photography still focuses on the connection. Allowing myself and my couples to connect in a way that builds trust, which then allows me to focus on not only the main moments of your day but on the in-between as well. The soft touches, the unposed moments. I aim to capture these special chapters of your true love story so that it can forever be a memory that you have to look back on. 

You’ll always be more than just “another client” to me. We'll walk away from your wedding day or session as friends.

INFJ // ennegram 8w3 // aries sun // sagittarius moon // capricorn rising

capturing the love between two people is what led me to wedding photography


01. i'm obsessed with a good cup of coffee (even if it's decaf)

02. i listen to true crime podcasts during long road trips

03. i've seen every episode of
One Tree Hill 100 times 

04. i'm obsessed with the Twilight series

05. i'd be more than content eating Thai or Indian food every day 

06. the hustle and bustle of NYC sets my soul on fire

07. black and white film photography has a special place in my heart

08. i'm an elder emo . my fav bands are all time low + the maine 

a few fun facts about me

Inspired by the elegant authenticity of film photography, my main goal is to preserve the integrity of your love story. Your love story deserves to be shown in a way that is true to you two, not a fictional version.

As a creative (and someone who spend 6 years in a fine arts college) it is incredibly important to me to give every couple a unique experience and gallery. Telling your love story in a creative, artistic, and authentic way will always be a priority for me. 

I value the simple things through out your love story: stolen glances, soft touch's, natural interactions. I will always be sure that nothing is missed. These simple moments help tell your love story in a way that is true to only you two.  

As I've said multiple times, I make sure that your story is played out in the photographs because they're more than just photos-- they're portraits that will last a lifetime.

01. simplicity


02. uniqueness

03. authenticity

04. creativity