Apr 8, 2022

Louise and Jake’s couples session at the Nashville Parthenon was a quintessential Nashville session. We had rescheduled multiple times due to crazy snow and ice storms in Nashville and when we were finally able to do their session, we had the most PERFECT day (60 degrees in January?! I’ll take it). We ran around the Parthenon, laughing and dancing together.

Louise and Jake got married just 3 months prior, so this was a perfect session to just capture this chapter of their lives together.

The Nashville Parthenon is such an iconic location in Tennessee, which made it so fun to try and do a different take than what we normally see at this location. We were going for clean, simple, and modern, and I’m obsessed.

All the love always,

x B

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Black and white photo of a couple at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Parthenon Couples Session


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