Cincinnati is such an incredibly special city to me. I grew up just over the Indiana border about 45 min away. As a kid, we always came to the city for everything, so staying there for college was a no-brainer for me. Naturally, when I was in college – I couldn’t get away fast enough. Though now, going back always brings me so much joy and inspiration.

The creative community in Cincinnati is unlike anywhere else. The amount of small businesses in the area is insane. Everyone is rooting for everyone else and loves supporting each other. This is why I was so excited when Leila reached out asking if I could do photos of her and Graham in their home before they sold it to move to California. Leila owns Tierra Madera Ceramics and makes some of the most beautiful wheel-thrown pieces, which you can see pop up in a few of their photos.

When planning her session, Leila only had one thing in mind: to capture their story. As I said above, they were getting ready to sell their first home together to move across the country. She and Graham had plans to build a tiny home in the mountains of California (jealous!). She knew how special their time was in the home that they were in now, and wanted to capture it.

We had a perfect spring day to hang out, drink wine, and chat about our love for Cincinnati together. Which made for a perfect start to an even more perfect session for them.

It was such an honor to get to capture the end of this chapter of their story, truly. I’m so excited to see the magic they create together in California, as I’m sure it’ll be as magical as their love.

Couple smiling in front of their home in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Couple posing in front of blooming tree in Cincinnati
Couple smiling in front of their home in Cincinnati
Couple sitting on their steps photographed in black and white
Couple in love
Couple snuggled up on their front porch
Black and white photo of couple on their front porch in Cincinnati
Couple kissing on their front porch
Black and white image of couple laughing on their front porch.
Couple posing on their porch in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Couple running down the street at sunset in Cincinnati.

Ready to document your love story? Reach out here.

All the love.


Cincinnati Couples Session

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