Central Park has always been a dream of mine to shoot in since I visited for the first time. I will forever be so grateful that my college prioritized immersing us in New York City. I was able to go every year from 2015 to 2019, and I pretty quickly noticed the spark and inspiration I felt while in the city and started dreaming up locations where I wanted to photograph couples at. So, when I booked my first wedding in the city for May 2023, I’m pretty sure I cried (lol).

Then, when my couple asked for videography recommendations, I couldn’t send them Anazo Weddings fast enough. If you’ve seen my past blog post about Caleb and Ramsey – you’ll know the love I have for these two. I met them in 2021 when we were both shot a wedding together in New Orleans. We worked so seamlessly together and, we instantly clicked. Since then, we’ve shot a wedding in Colorado and the one mentioned above in NYC. We also have a few upcoming in 2024, and they’re documenting my wedding this February (many tears about this, too).

It’s forever a dream getting to work with them. Now, we have this running joke that anywhere we do weddings together, I also take photos of them there. So, this past May, when we were both in the city together, we knew we had to take photos together. After bouncing lots of ideas back and forth on where to do their photos, we landed on Central Park near Bethesda Fountain. Naturally, it was an incredibly rainy day the only day we both had available. By the time we all arrived at the location, we were soaking wet, but that didn’t stop us.

We ran around, taking photos under the stairwell, while a local musician played music in the background to start. Then, when we realized the rain wasn’t stopping – we ran around in the rain, too.

Central Park motion blur couples photo

I’d love more than anything to be able to capture your love story too.

Reach out here.

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Central Park Couples Session in New York City

Couples Session in Central Park, New York City

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