Have you ever had a photo session done “just because”? Not for your anniversary, because you’re engaged, or celebrating a huge milestone. I’m talking purely just to capture your love and this season of life that you and your partner are in?

I know, I know, we have smartphones now, so you’re likely capturing your love and each other pretty regularly. But, there’s something so special about having professional photos taken, having someone on the outside capture your love in a way that you may not see it. We notice moments and gestures between you two that you don’t even recognize. All these moments and memories are worth capturing so that they can live on forever.

We’re living in a day in age, where it seems like every photo has to be perfect. It has to be “Instagram” or “Pinterest” worthy, which is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I think it’s amazing that we are in a time where sharing and storing memories is so easy. Though, I think it’s hurting us in a sense that we deem memories and moments “not worthy” if they don’t look “perfect”. Who’s to say your memories aren’t “perfect enough”? What is the scale that we are using to determine this?

Truly, I think that all memories, all moments, should be captured. They should be shared. They should be hung on your wall and posted wherever you want to post them. You don’t need a special reason to schedule a photo session. You don’t need to be celebrating anything but your love.

These are the 5 reasons why you should capture your love in all seasons of life.

  1. Do it for YOU TWO.
  2. For the memories, not for Instagram (or social media in general).
  3. To show your children (and/or family) some day.
  4. It’s to remember this season of life.
  5. Because why the heck not.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite “just because” sessions.

Casual couples session on the beach at Morro Bay, California
Casual love session with flash at night on the beach in southern California
Couple posing in front of downtown Nashville, Tennessee showing their love
Couple in love on the street in Brooklyn, New York
Couple in love walking down the beach in southern California
Casual love session in the pool in Joshua Tree, California
Couple running down sand dunes in southern California

All the love, always.

x B

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5 Reasons to Capture Your Love in all Seasons of Life

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