Picking out what to wear for your engagement session can be difficult (I changed my own outfit for engagement photos in the car on the way to the session LOL), which is why I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you gather some inspiration!

I always suggest looking over your photographers’ style to see if there are any outfits or colors in common between the photos that you like, that is sometimes the easiest way to see what you’re drawn to!

You can also refer to my Pinterest board here —>https://pin.it/41FieJG

1. To start, make sure you’re comortable in whatever you choose to wear.

If you’re uncomfortable in what you choose, it will show in the photos! I always remind my clients that the more comfortable and confident you feel in your outfit – the more comfortable you’ll be in from of the camera!

2. The colors you pick mean more than you think.

As I suggested above, take a look at your photographers’ portfolio/Instagram – take note of what you notice! Say your photographer’s clients mainly wear neutrals and you show up in hot pink – the photos may not have the same vibe that you’ve noticed in the photos in their portfolio. If you were to take a look at mine, all of the couples are wearing muted, neutral, or warm colors – but for good reason! It keeps the focus on you two!

  • Blacks + Whites will always look fantastic together!
  • Mix in some blue jean to add some umph to it!.
  • Neutral colors for both of you with texture added in is super fun!
  • Warm browns + burnt oranges + creams look magical at golden hour

3. Patterns are just as important.

Just like colors make sure you’re not mixing too many patterns together. I typically suggest sticking to one pattern, but if done correctly, two or three can look pretty epic!

  • Simple patterns in minimal color
  • Select a color palette by pulling hues out of a patterned item

4. Matching outfits are out.

Matching is okay (like the photo above) to an extent. Though showing up in the same shirt and pants, or the same anything really, can look not great in photos. Remember, we like coordination, not matching!

5. Dress for the season.

This might sound like an obvious tip, but make sure you dress appropriately for the weather outside! If you’re hot or freezing in your outfit, it will show in the photos.

Now that we’ve gone over my 5 tips on what to wear to your engagement session, it’s time for the fun part – the inspiration photos!

Couple posing back to back in neutral toned outfits

Man and woman posing on the coast in Maine wearing white outfits.

man and woman posing in the city. man in black jeans and white shirt, woman in white flowy dress
Man and woman posing at Crater Lake National Park.

Ready to book your session or still need help picking what to wear?

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couple lounging out couch in blue jeans and white shirts

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session


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